LUXXprofile and STEP4WARD Management Consulting

Human Trust must be earned

The use of the LUXXprofile shows how you build up faster and appreciative trust with your counterpart.

STEP4WARD Management Consulting recommens a radical rethink of management, executives and professionals. The daily management/leadership work should be lived in an increasingly digital and fast-changing world of work, empathetic, personal, motivating and thus much more appreciative.

Goal: To make everyone feel comfortable in the company. These employees then also deal with their customers and future customers in a more appreciative and binding manner.
The time when employees were still treated like numbers is basically long gone. Unfortunately, outdated management/leadership strategies often stay in the company longer than you would like.
People who are led expect a different kind of communication, leadership and individual appreciation today and even more in the future, so that this is reflected in employees in self-motivation, self-responsibility, performance and well-being.

What really motivates a person?

How do you earn a person’s trust? When a person speaks of a lack of esteem, what does this mean in individual cases and what can be done about it? The LUXXprofile is a psychological diagnostic method of the University of Luxembourg, which is used to objectively represent the intrinsically based drivers, values or motivators of human beings. If you know what motivates you, and if you recognize more quickly what drives and motivates another person, understanding communication with one another is much easier. If you want to lead and communicate properly, you should understand yourself and your counterpart as well as possible.

The LUXXprofile is a method to know faster in today’s fast-paced time what moves and drives other people. Companies that use the LUXXprofile professionally have a clear competitive advantage, because people in the company who feel valued by being more individual are healthier, happier, more motivated and more efficient, which is what in turn secures the current and future success of a company.

The LUXXprofile Master Training

STEP4WARD Management Consulting trains HR experts, coaches, trainers and psychologists as specialists in intrinsical motivation and value management. The LUXXprofile training includes a personal reflection over 4 hours and the subsequent 3 day LUXXprofile Master Training with certificate. You can then use the LUXXprofile in your professional and private context.

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